Passier Blu Dream Double Bridle


What’s that sparkle in the dressage arena? It’s the PASSIERBLU Dream Double Bridle from the PASSIERBLU Collection – a dream come true for horse and rider. It comes with a waved browband that perfectly matches its fittings – with golden Colorado Topaz strass to go with brass fittings or Silver Clear Crystal strass to go with stainless steel fittings. With its anatomically-formed, softly lined head piece the double bridle is super-comfy for the horse! The Caveson Special also is anatomically-formed and has super-soft lining. This stylish double bridle fits the horse’s head perfectly! Only genuine with the original PASSIERBLU “P”-Label on the side of the browband!


Finest Passier bridle leather


2 pairs of leather reins, bridle reins with one side rubber


Cob size, full size


Black and Brown


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