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Here at the National Saddle Centre we pride ourselves on delivering the complete saddle fitting experience. We understand the importance of having the right saddle for both you and the horse.

JO BEAVIS: SMS Master Saddle Fitter and SMS Qualified Saddler

Jo is a SMSMSF and SMSQS. She qualified as a saddle fitter and a saddler in 1984. During the early part of her career, she was working for Albion Saddlemakers providing technical training to stockists, saddlers, and saddle fitters.

She has competed successfully herself in Eventing for many years. Jo founded the National Saddle Centre in 1992, benefiting from great horsemanship and experience in saddle fitting she has been expanding and growing her business continuously.

Jo has a passion for biomechanics and enabling the horse to work at maximum efficiency while allowing for ultimate performance and comfort.

CICELY JEFFREY: SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter

Cicely is a SMSQSF and Human and Equine Bowen Therapist. Cicely’s attention to detail and the thoroughness required in her therapist background has enabled her to work closely with alternative practitioners ensuring a caring approach to saddle selection and saddle fitting.

Having trained and competed horses up to old 4* level she is experienced with horses of all levels and the requirements of these different levels.  

KATE ALLELY: SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter

Kate joined the NSC in the spring of 2019 as part of her placement to go alongside her degree, BSc (Hons) Applied Equine Science and Business at The Royal Agricultural University. She has since graduated with a first and now works full time at the NSC as a SMSQSF.

As part of her degree she had the opportunity to work with Russell Mackechnie-Guire (Centaur Biomechanics) to research and complete her dissertation entitled ‘The effect of changing saddle tree width while maintaining tree balance on equine thoracolumbar musculature and limb kinematics during rising trot’. 

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