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What we do

Here at The National Saddle Centre we take pride on delivering a complete saddle fitting experience. We are keen and experienced horse owners and riders, therefore we understand the importance and the value of having the right saddle for you and your horse.

With a team of two SMS Master Saddle Fitters and one SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter, we are able to provide a professional and independent service to ensure the best performance possible.

We also offer a large selection of carefully chosen products in our online store to suit all requirements. We work closely with manufacturers, researchers and other professionals in the industry and are therefore able to offer advice based on current teachings, science and our own personal experience.

"Our aim is to improve the performance and freedom of movement whilst ensuring comfort for the horse and rider"

- Founder of National Saddle Centre


We have used and recommended the National Saddle Centre for many years. The service they offer is friendly, efficient and knowledgable. They have a wealth of experience and this combined with the wide range of saddles on offer gives us and our clients the opportunity to make an informed decision with supportive after sale care.
Russell Mackechnie-Guire, Centaur Biomechanics
Jo Beavis offers a very professional, knowledgable, and dependable service. I trust her expertise completely and have found the service offered very helpful and efficient.
Gareth Hughes, Team GB International Dressage Rider
The Service the National Saddle Centre provides is second to none. Jo takes enormous care to ensure the saddle fits each horse and is always there to offer support and after care.
Ruth Edge, Team GB International Event Rider
Jo recommended a saddle that is extremely comfortable for me. The deep seat and generous blocks make it easy to maintain a correct and secure position, and stabilise the imbalance brought on by my disability. Since changing to this saddle there has been a noticeable difference in my position and seat, as well as the horses way of going.
Ashleigh Jones
A big thank you to Jo at The National Saddle Centre for all her help, expertise and time. We now have a much happier and more comfortable pony now that she has a new correctly fitting saddle - the difference is amazing.
Caron & Emily Bates
They stock a great range of saddlery and accessories, coupled with great advice and actual experience of using the items what’s not to like!!
Victoria Nicholls

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