Tradition and Technology

It is no coincidence that the very finest quality saddles are made from traditionally selected hides, laminated wooden trees and assembled by skilled craftsmen. However, modern shock absorbing, lightweight hi-tech materials and memory foams are now incorporated for specific purposes to improve the fit and comfort of saddles.

The team at The National Saddle Centre are constantly working to enhance their own knowledge and keep abreast of technological developments such as the production of the latest pliance pressure systems which measures the dynamic pressure distribution between the saddle and the horse using a thin elastic sensor mat and linking it with equine gait analysis systems has provided us with the most up to date information regarding horse and saddle related performance.

We have undergone extensive training and are able to make major alterations to many of the saddles we provide without sending them back to the manufacturer.

A comprehensive range of saddles and styles The National Saddle Centre provides a carefully chosen range of saddles from the worlds leading manufacturers. We are fully approved and trained to provide and fit all the saddles in our product range.


The purpose of the bit is communication and control. In order to achieve communication, we need relaxed, confident acceptance of the bit by the horse. Research conducted under controlled scientific methods has recently radically improved our understanding and knowledge of mouth anatomy and the different pressure points required to achieve comfort.

Applying this knowledge to the design and manufacture of horse bits enables manufacturers these days to more effectively redress bad ways of going or evasions and promote ways of going that develop correct muscle structure and a soft, consistent contact.

This emphasis on scientifically informed design has been used in many new bits with the unique recognition that a high thermal conductivity of mouthpiece must also be significantly influential in biting.


Here’s some research that Jo Beavis on behalf of the National Saddle Centre has been involved in:

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