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Here at the National Saddle Centre we pride ourselves on delivering the complete saddle fitting experience. We understand the importance of having the right saddle for both you and the horse. Jo Beavis, who has over 30 years of experience and is both a qualified SMS Master Saddle Fitter and an SMS Master Saddler, founded the National Saddle Centre in 1992.


With a range of saddles to choose from, Jo can give you the professional independent help of a Master Saddler to ensure this is the right choice for you both. Our aim is to improve the performance and freedom of movement whilst ensuring comfort for the horse and rider.

You can also bring your horse to us for a saddle check or fitting which allows you to try many of our stock if required.

Jo has been involved with many research projects surrounding saddlery, fitting and performance. We aim to optimize comfort and performance through improvement of the freedom of movement from sourcing the best saddles and products on the market.


Jo has been a qualified Society of Master Saddlers Registered Master Saddler (SMSMS) since 1984 and is also a Society of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitter.

Jo is based in Rowington, Warwickshire but travels across the UK and can deliver saddle-fitting clinics alongside Fairfax bridle fittings.

With brands ranging from Kent and Masters to Fairfax, Jo is able to source the correct saddle for you. We understand how important decisions like this are, so this is the perfect opportunity to work with a Master Saddler to ensure this purchase is the right one for you.

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We do understand how important this process is and getting it right is our aim. As avid horse owners and riders we understand every horse and rider is unique and therefore each check-up is tailored to suit both your needs. You can discuss any concerns or issues you may be having surrounding your saddle with Jo throughout the time she spends with you to ensure NSC meets all your requirements.


Have you got a problem with your saddle? Is it slipping or moving?

Before you get in touch to make a saddle check appointment, these NSC EASY FITTING SOLUTIONS might help.


The team at the National Saddle Centre are constantly working to achieve the optimum fit.

Every horse and rider combination are unique!

We first take time to understand your individual requirements, the direction you wish to take, your targets and ambitions and the subtle changes that can affect the success of the horse/rider partnership.

A full physical assessment of your horse, their conformation and movement are made and recorded, not only for today but future reference. Your horse’s level of training and any issues encountered are noted as this can affect the balance, stability and straightness of your saddle.

Test rides and feedback are recorded to best determine appropriate seat size, seat width and leg position, and when combined ensure rider security and balance. The comfort of the saddle for horse and rider is essential for maximum performance and is a multi-dimensional issue, which is relative to the discipline you are trying to excel in.

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Our aim at the National Saddle Centre is to maximise biomechanical ability in order to reduce fatigue, and increase all round mechanical confidence, without compromise.

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