Passier Mono Stirrup Leathers


  • Size & Colour

These extra narrow and soft Mono Stirrup Leathers have a very flat hanging mechanism. Due to their construction they do not have two straps per side and therefore no stacking. This means they can hardly be felt underneath the flap and the leg of the rider. The special design of the stainless steel buckles makes for a smooth lead-through. The buckles are protected by a soft leather cover. The supple ‘Velvet Touch’ leather makes the stirrup leathers very soft to the touch. The nylon core provides extra stability, so there is no lengthening, not even under intense use. Seven holes with finely tuned spacing allow for very precise adjustment. The Mono Stirrup Leathers can easily be attached to the stirrup holder on the saddle. An additional hole at the top allows you to pull them up and fix them when not in use.


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