Kent & Masters Universal GP


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This saddle offers an alternative to our Compact GP – it has wider, flatter seat and will suit you if you like the feel of ‘more room’ in the seat, or if you are slightly wider in the hips.

All Kent & Masters saddles share the features below. This S-Series Universal GP benefits from superior craftsmanships and higher specification design details for a truly luxurious feel and appearance. It also features the following details:

Full length, generous front gussets.
A generous panel with a good bearing surface, and wide channel for spine clearance.
Standard-wither gullet depth for horses with a medium wither profile .
An alternative seat shape to the Compact GP which makes it a viable option for those who find the neat, compact seat doesn’t suit them.
Velcro knee and calf blocks under the flap which can be positioned to suit your leg length and position. Ghosted stitching on the knee pad helps it contour neatly around the block and ensures added comfort
Changeable girthing arrangement which allows saddle stability to be optimised instantly


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