Cryochaps Exoskeleton Tendon Boots


The Exoskeleton horse exercise boots are designed to minimise heat build up whilst protecting the tendons from impacts. These all purpose exercise boots are great for hacking, eventing, flatwork and showjumping, and they are FEI legal.

Many exercise boots surround the leg in order to give as much strike protection as possible. However, your horse’s legs also need to be protected from overheating. Excessive heat build up can result in increased wear, tear and damage to the soft tissues in the horse’s lower leg. 

Cryochaps have studied the main strike areas and provided excellent protection in these areas. The rest of the boot has been opened up to form an exoskeleton. This revolutionary tendon boot uses forced convection cooling as well as allowing heat to escape naturally.

Forced Convection Technology

The Exoskeleton horse exercise boots are specifically designed to minimise heat build up in the lower leg, whilst protecting the areas that are most vulnerable to strike impacts. Forced convection technology draws air across the back of the leg as the horse moves, helping to reduce heat build up during exercise. As the tendons and ligaments relax during the “flight” phase of the horse’s gait, an air gap is created. This forces air across the back of the leg, taking heat out of the leg as the horse moves.

The Exoskeleton also features mesh vents, which allow heat to escape naturally. The spacer fabric allows air to circulate through the boot, wicking away moisture and providing cushioning.

Protective Horse Tendon Boots

As well as providing excellent cooling technology, the Exoskeleton also provides ultimate strike protection. We have studied the areas that most require protection from strikes and impacts, and created an external armour to protect those areas. 

The Exoskeleton has been shown to provide superior protection when tested against similar market leading exercise boots.

Please note: Always check with your governing body if you intend to use these exercise boots for competition.


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