Back on Track Leg Braces Royal 


The Back on Track® Quick Wrap Royal is one of our most popular products and are the ultimate therapeutic leg wrap. The close fitting, easy to apply wrap provides leg support and the benefit of Welltex™. The soft, padded Welltex™ lining is held close to the leg for maximum benefit, while the sturdy neoprene outer conforms to the shape of the leg. The wrap is held in place and secured with three robust velcro straps round the leg and one under fetlock strap for optimum support. These wraps can be used in the stable or while travelling and are ideal for comfort and recovery after hard work or competition.

The Back On Track technology incorporates a ceramic infused material woven into the fabric, this material reflects body heat as FAR infra-red energy to warm muscles and tissues. This therefore reduces injury risk as well as increasing circulation to help heal any pre-existing injuries/inflammation.

– Ideal for use as stable or transportation boots
– Suitable for horses who suffer from osteoarthritis or filling legs when standing in
– Outer layer made of strong, durable neoprene with a thick soft inner pad
– Excellent fit with strong hook and loop fastening straps
– Additional neoprene exterior can be purchased separately

Available in the following sizes:

Small (35cm length x 40cm (wrap/circumference of lower leg)
Medium (40cm x 40cm)
Large (45cm x 40cm)
Extra Large (50cm x 45cm)

Colours: Black

(Other colours can be ordered in: Blue, Burgundy, Green)


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