Fairfax Cara Dressage Saddle


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Specifically to suit the ‘uphill’ conformation of the Friesian breed and baroque types such as Andalusians, Lipizzaners and Lusitanos.

  • Luxurious, super-grippy Italian calf leather
  • Croc trim on the forepiece, flap and cantle
  • Deep rear, and slim front, gussets to provide a perfectly balanced platform for the rider on an ‘uphill’ horse
  • Surface-mounted thigh block gives the experienced rider support without restricting their position (same block as the Petrus and Stella)
  • Patented Performance Panel is proven to help the horse move more freely, improving extension, flexion and gait symmetry
  • Panel is lined with pressure relieving Prolite and flocked with pure English wool
  • Use the shoulder blocks to fine tune the amount of leg support the rider requires
  • Customise the blocks to allow the rider to sit squarely on a horse with asymmetrical shoulders

This saddle features the ground breaking Fairfax Performance Panel (Patent GB2515079) which is scientifically proven to in creases limb extension, joint flexion and gait symmetry. The weight-bearing part of the panel under the rider’s seat is separated from the part under the rider’s knee (which lies over the horse’s shoulder). This allows the horse’s shoulder independence of movement, free from any restriction that a traditional panel could potentially cause – particularly beneficial on a horse with big shoulders or big shoulder movement.


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