Erreplus GTD Jump Saddle


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This new model has a balance point set farther back than other jumping saddles. The tree has been designed to ensure greater support to the rider’s posture. Particularly indicated for those who prefer a more central, deep position of riding.

This saddle has a new very comfortable larger seat made in an innovative and exclusive shock absorbing foam. The innovative padded flaps, are made entirely of doubled bull leather and, thanks to a series of technical features, including new girth-straps and tree points integrated in the panels, they grant an amazing feeling. Flaps are available in different projections, depending on the physical requirements and style of the rider.

Our panels are all hand-flocked with synthetic wool and their shape has been developed and adapted accordingly to modern horses shape, which is more compact and muscular. With a larger surface area and a thinner shape they provide an optimal balance, decrease pressure points on the spinal area of the horse and promote closer contact.


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