Back on Track Neck Cover 


– Ceramic infused material incorporated into this rug reflects body heat as FAR infra-red energy

– Ideal for use before training or competition to warm up the muscles and after training to aid in recovery

The Neck cover consists of the same fabric as the Mesh Rug and is fastened with a carabiner hook around the halter and three carabiner hooks on the rug. Loose separate metal rings which need to be sewn on to the rug are included. The Neck Brace is fastened under the neck with three velcro straps.

The Back On Track technology incorporates a ceramic infused material woven into the rug, this material reflects body heat as FAR infra-red energy to warm muscles and tissues. This therefore reduces injury risk as well as increasing circulation to help heal any pre-existing injuries/inflammation.

**Neck Cover sizing to coincide with mesh rug sizing**


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