Back On Track Bell Boots 


Back on Track® Bell Boots with Welltex™ lining are ideal when having problems with the tarsal bones or the coronet band. The reflected far infrared ray caused by the ceramic particles in Back on Track’s Welltex™ fabric, supports circulation which can aid mobility and help avoid injury. The robust neoprene with imitation leather outer and hook and loop straps make these sturdy boots ideal for use when riding to help avoid over-reach and damage to the heel.

The Back On Track technology incorporates a ceramic infused material woven into the fabric, this material reflects body heat as FAR infra-red energy to warm muscles and tissues. This therefore reduces injury risk as well as increasing circulation to help heal any pre-existing injuries/inflammation.

– Ideal for use during training, competition, in the paddock, and on the walker.
– Interior lined with Welltex to stimulate blood flow
– Outer layer made of synthetic lether offers ideal protection
– Bell boots may help horses with coffin bone or coronet band problems or injuries, and offers protection from over-reaching
– Closes with strong single lock hook and loop fastener

Colour – Black


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