Passier Dynamic Girth


The Dynamic Leather Saddle Girth with its intelligent shape offers the horse freedom of movement and plenty of room for upwards movement of the scapula. The elastic strap buckles at the front allow the horse optimum and free movement of the shoulder. The fixed buckles at the back keep the saddle in place. The buckles should always be level on both sides, to avoid overstretching of the elastic material. On horses with an unfavorable girth grooves, the girth can be attached with the elastic straps at the back. The fixed buckles at the front keep the saddle where it belongs and the elastic strap at the back does not exert diagonal pressure on the rear. This helps minimise the forward motion of the saddle. In this case the buckles should always be level on both sides, too. Additional features of the Dynamic Leather Saddle Girth include the extra-soft, horse-friendly leather and the two multi-functional D-rings in the center for easy attachment of auxiliary reins, martingale or breastplate.


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