Fairfax Performance Snaffle Bridle


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Developed, designed and handmade in the UK
The first bridle to be based on scientific research and proven to:
Reduce pressure by up to 84%
Reduce force by up to 77%
Allows greater forelimb extension
Increases knee & hock flexion
The Performance Bridle is the only bridle to have been designed and developed using pressure mapping (by Pliance) and gait analysis (by Centuar Biomechanics).

Our testing and research into different bridle designs identified six key areas of peak pressure, common to most bridles. Further scientific study proves that the reduction in bridle pressure afforded by the Fairfax Performance Bridle significantly improves range of movement, extension and flexion in competition horses.

In addition to reducing pressure, the Fairfax Performance Bridle enhances the horses comfort by improving stability.

We are able to offer Fairfax bridle fittings at our base in Warwickshire, for more information please get in touch with us, we would be happy to help.


Noseband Style

Drop, Cavesson, Crackle

Browband Style

Plain, Piped, Diamante, Black Crystal, Pearl


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