Back on Track Polo Neck Sweater 


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Back on Track Polo Neck Sweater – is an excellent choice if you have problems in the neck-shoulders-arms-back. The shirt also covers problem areas such as lower back, hips, wrists and elbows. Good fit and quality!

Comfortable to wear, with its stylish and modern look.

The actual polo collar goes up into the neck and the body is closely fitted.
Best of all is that you feel well-dressed, whether in pain or if you just want to look good. By wearing this popular shirt you can easily and safely get increased sense of wellbeing.

The Back On Track technology incorporates a ceramic infused material woven into the fabric, this material reflects body heat as FAR infra-red energy to warm muscles and tissues. This therefore reduces injury risk as well as increasing circulation to help heal any pre-existing injuries/inflammation.

Available in Mens and Womens :

X Small
X Large
XX Large


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