Back On Track Long Johns 


The Long Johns’ unique cotton/polyester Welltex™ ceramic infused, breathable material helps to maintain maximum circulation. They are ideal as a general under garment or as thermal underwear. This material makes a versatile trouser and are popular with horse riders but can be worn when participating in other physical activities.

It is particularly good for pain relief if you suffer from any of the following problems:

– Hip pain problems which are linked to the superficial muscle and the tensor fascia lata tendon- all ages.
– Groin problems/discomfort
– Bladder/prostrate issues
– Period pain
– Bad circulation in the legs

The Back On Track technology incorporates a ceramic infused material woven into the fabric, this material reflects body heat as FAR infra-red energy to warm muscles and tissues. This therefore reduces injury risk as well as increasing circulation to help heal any pre-existing injuries/inflammation.


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