Frequently Asked



Q: What is needed for my saddle fitting appointment?

  • A FLAT, HARD SURFACE – to access the horse in hand.
  • AN AREA WHERE THE HORSE CAN BE RIDDEN – to access the horse in motion with the rider on board once the saddle has been fitted.
  • SHOW JUMPS/CROSS COUNTRY SADDLES – If you are requiring as saddle for jumping the saddle fitter would like to see the horse in motion with the rider to make sure it does not slip so having jumps would be advantages.
  • RIDER’S PRESENCE – This enables the fitter not just to fit the saddle to the horse but for the rider too.
  • BE SUITABLY ATTIRED – Riding clothes are recommended with a correctly fitted riding hat.
  • NUMNAHS, GEL PADS, ETC.The Society of Master Saddlers generally feel that a well fitting saddle does not require the addition of anything under it with the possible exception of a thin saddle cloth. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. When there is a valid reason for using a numnah or gel pad the saddle fitter will need to allow for this.
  • OWN STIRRUP LEATHERS AND GIRTH AVAILABLE. The saddle fitter can carry girths of various types and sizes, but it is a good idea to have your own available (although, in some instances, it may not be the correct type and length for the saddle you are purchasing). Using your own stirrup leathers is generally more comfortable unless you are thinking of buying a new pair.
  • PRESENTING A WELL GROOMED ANIMAL – isn’t merely a cosmetic exercise. The marks left on the well groomed horse’s after removing the saddle are helpful to see unwanted movement amongst other things. When the horse is ill-groomed, the marks left by the saddle may be blurred or indistinguishable.

Q: Is there anything I can try, if my saddle is slipping, before I call the National Saddle Centre?
Yes, we have some great easy fitting solutions for you, check them out on our services page
Q: What is the best way to contact you?
Either call us in the office on 01926 842491 or send us an email to sales@nationalsaddlecentre.co.uk