Prestige Sport Window English (Flash) Noseband 


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E124 Sport Windows English bridle

This English bridle with its intricate workmanship and a triple-ridge profile, is manufactured in EU-made high-quality leather.

The crownpiece is anatomically shaped and is made out of a single piece of leather, resulting in a wider surface. The effect is that pressure bearing down on the most sensitive area of the poll is spread more broadly. The padding, in soft perforated leather, further ensures the comfort of the horse. The buckles and metal components are in material of the highest quality. The noseband also has a broader surface as compared with standard nosebands.

Rather than having the conventional straight-line profile, the noseband curves downward, a design feature that improves anatomical shape and makes wearing the bridle easier for the horse On this bridle, a simple sliding arrangement enables the width of the noseband cheekpieces to be adjusted, so allowing the cheek bones greater freedom.

Sizes: COB and FULL
Colours: black and tobacco brown


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