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These superior quality Socks have generated remarkable feedback from users. People often experience a lot of trouble with their feet. To a large extent the trouble is caused by inflammation, pain and/or poor circulation.

Back on Track® Socks are extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day or even whilst asleep.

If you have a sprained or damaged your ankle, we recommend the use of an Ankle Brace in preference to the Socks, because it also provides some degree of support. If the heel is part of your problem, then the Sock would be the preferred product because they cover the entire foot.

We also have a range of Padded Insoles for footwear, which are proving popular with sufferers of dropped arches, tired feet, and other orthopaedic complaints affecting that region.

SMALL (shoe size), 35 – 38
MEDIUM (shoes size), 39 – 42
LARGE (shoe size), 43 – 47


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