Back On Track Back Brace – £27.00


The Back Brace with Narrow Front is designed to be more practical for those who are active but in a seated position e.g. working in an office, horse riding/cycling or driving. The brace is fully adjustable and can cover all areas of the lower back to achieve a good fit. To achieve a secure close contact, there is a removable soft rectangular pad incorporated into the back of the belt which is designed to fill up the curves around the spine. This is easily be removed if you wanted to present a more slim line appearance. As the belt is made from the same ceramic textile, it will still have the same effect without the pad being present.

Sizes: (adjustable waist measurements):-

Small – circumference 65-95cm
Medium – circumference 85-115cm
Large – circumference 100-130cm
Extra Large – circumference 115-145cm


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